Board of Directors

Tamara Shenkier - President

Paris Ann Ingledew - Vice President

Andrew McFadden - Treasurer

Dean Kolodziejczyk - Director-at-Large
Andra Krauze - Director-at-Large


Senior Medical Advisor - Dan Le
Administrative Assistant - Pauline Lee

Administrative Assistant - Laura Holver


The BC Cancer MSES has identified the following Strategic Priorities for the Facility Engagement Initiative in 2017/18:

  1. To provide opportunities for communication between BC Cancer medical staff (across disciplines and across regions).

  2. To foster enhanced communication and collaboration BC Cancer & PHSA leadership.

  3. To lead collaboration across “silos” to address inefficiencies and improve clinical work flow and indirect patient care.

  4. To promote Medical Staff wellness. 


The BC Cancer MSES Working Group (WG) is a representative body for all physicians and dentists with privileges at BC Cancer regional centres. This includes physicians from discipline specific associations, physicians and dentists from disciplines without association status, and regional representatives of the medical and dental staff of all the BC Cancer regional centres. The WG will represent the BC Cancer medical staff and liaise with BC Cancer and PHSA leadership to improve engagement on matters of importance to physicians and patients. It will develop decision-making and funding structures to ensure effective representation and participation of the BC Cancer medical staff. These structures, along with funding and support provided through the Memorandum of Understanding on Regional and Local Engagement, will:


  • Support medical/dental staff engagement by providing a forum for the BC Cancer staff to express their views;

  • Prioritize views and issues, and bring these to the attention of BC Cancer and PHSA leadership;

  • Engage and collaborate with PHSA administration, BC Cancer executive leadership and physician leaders

  • Liaise with BC Cancer medical staff regarding issues of concern raised by the BC Cancer and PHSA administration.


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