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Stay Tuned for the next Call for Proposals in January-February 2018.  


Round 2 completed September 6th, 2017.  

The BCCA MSES Project Working Group is seeking your ideas for innovative ways to build physician engagement at the BCCA.  By engagement, we mean physicians should perceive as a consequence of this endeavour, an increased sense that their input into Agency direction matters and, enhances mastery of their ability to contribute to care and research.


The proposals must address one or more of our stated Strategic Priorities and will be reviewed based upon the criteria noted below. 

Strategic Priorities:

  1. To provide opportunities for communication between BCCA medical staff (across disciplines and across regions).

  2. To foster enhanced communication and collaboration between BCCA & PHSA leadership.

  3. To lead collaboration across "silos" to address inefficiencies and improve clinical work flow and indirect patient care.

  4. To promote Medical Staff wellness. 


Physician Engagement

  • Initiative/project will improve collaboration amongst physicians and across disciplines and centres

  • Initiative/project will improve physician input and collaboration with BCCA and PHSA leadership

Patient Care Quality

  • Initiative/project deliverable will positively impact one or more of the following aspects of patient care: Safety, Effectiveness, Timeliness, Improve efficiency and/or clinical workflow


  • Ease of implementing solution with respect to administrative and operational requirements


  • Breadth of impact across multiple disciplines and regions

Proposals will be considered in two rounds:

  • Round 1 – Letter of Intent

  • Round 2 – Complete Application

More detailed information is available in the submission form.  To request the form, please email:  

If you have any questions, please email .

Chair of Engagement Initiative Working Group - Sharlene Gill

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