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2019 Engagement Initiatives Announced: 17 newly funded projects 


Drs. Simon Baxter & Arthur Cheung

Develop a Model for Measuring BC Cancer Oncologist Workloads


Dr. Julianna Caon

Improve the Efficiency of Patient Care in the Treatment of Brain Metastases for CNS and Lung Tumour Sites


Drs. Janine Davies & Tanya Berrang

Develop a Provincial Quality Improvement Community of Practice (COP) to Better Engage Staff, Improve Patient Care, and Provide a Forum to Enhance the Workplace


Dr. Devin Schellenberg

Facilitate a Radiation Oncologist Retreat to Identify Shared Goals and Visions for the Centre, Maximise Efficiencies, and Maintain Staff Satisfaction


Dr. Michael McKenzie

Facilitate a Radiation Oncologist Retreat to Develop a Provincial Interprofessional Cancer Palliative Oncology Group to Optimise Care for Patients with Incurable Cancer


Dr. Benjamin Mou

Facilitate a Provincial Lung Radiation Oncologist Retreat to Discuss Priorities and Standards for the Delivery of Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer in BC


Dr. Angela Lin

Facilitate a Multidisciplinary Workshop Aimed at Improving the Safety and Multimodality Treatments for Breast Cancer Patients Suitable for Post-Mastectomy Reconstruction in Interior BC


Dr. Mira Keyes

Survey BC Cancer Medical Staff to Evaluate Burnout and Engagement and Develop Strategies to Improve Physician Well-Being 


Dr. Cheng-Han Lee

Engagement of BC Cancer Medical Staff in the BC Electronic Synoptic Pathology Reporting Initiative (ESPRI) in Order to Improve Information Sharing and Solicit Input


Dr. Ursula Lee

BC Cancer Surrey Physician Lounge to promote physician engagement, communication and wellness


Dr. Caroline Lohrisch
Facilitate an Outpatient Oncology Clinic Optimisation Exercise in Order to Evaluate Best Practices for Efficient Clinic Operations

Dr. Hamid Raziee

Build a Team Across Three BC Cancer Centres to Transfer Knowledge and Expertise for Optimal Utilisation of Transperineal Interstitial Brachytherapy Technique (TP-ISBT) for Gynaecological Cancers


Dr. Jennifer Goulart

Establish Oncology Medical Provider Focus Groups at all Six Cancer Centres across BC to Obtain Input to Improve Supportive Cancer Care Services


Drs. Kasmintan Schrader & Sophie Sun

Develop a Proposal Utilising an Internet Based E-Learning Tool to Enhance Health Care Provider and Patient Knowledge of Hereditary Implications of Tumour Sequencing 

Dr. Howard Lim

Develop a Leadership Curriculum for Medical Oncology/Radiation Oncology Teaching Staff for the BC Cancer Residency/Fellowship Programs 


Dr. Ross Halperin

Facilitate a Survey and Working Group in Order to Identify Current Gaps and Quality Metrics for Interior Regional Tumour Groups of BC and Improve the System for Cancer Tumour Sites 

Dr. Stephen Chia

Facilitate a Survey and Key Stakeholder Session to Update the BC Cancer Management Guidelines (CMGs) in Order to Assist with Patient Care Decisions


Fall 2018 Engagement Initiatives 

Dr. Jason Hart

Building Self Awareness and Communication

Dr. Tamara Shenkier

Diminishing Roadblocks to Hiring Foreign Trained Medical Oncologists and Hematologists at BC Cancer

Drs. Dan Renouf & Jon Loree

GI Innovate: GI Physician Leadership Training to Improve Healthcare Delivery

Dr. Ursula Lee

Medical Oncology Department Retreat

Dr. Tamara Shenkier

Mindfulness Training and Support

Dr. Francois Bachand

Provincial Education Day in Interstitial Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer

Dr. Kim Chi

Recognition Awards for Medical Staff


Dr. Alan Bates

Supportive Cancer Care Focus Group Analysis

Fall 2017 Engagement Initiatives


Dr. Peter Tonseth
Defining appropriate indications for PET/CT in BC


Dr. Lyly Le     

Engagement of BC Cancer medical staff in the implementation CST Project

Dr. Barbara Czerkawski    

Improving communication during conflict

Dr. Rob Olson     

Using POSI to improve collaboration between radiation oncology, medical oncology, P&SM, and allied health care providers at all cancer centres

Dr. Michael McKenzie   

Development of a Provincial BC Cancer Palliative Radiation Oncology Site Group


Drs. Katherine Xing, Karen Hossack    

Biweekly interdepartmental physician wellness and engagement rounds

Dr. Francois Germain    

Recognition of time required and support for completion of mandatory modules and training to improve physician engagement

Dr. Janessa Laskin    

Online genomics education & training to improve physician engagement & patient care

Dr. Angela Lin    

Physician nourishment to improve physician engagement

Dr. Allan Hovan   

Oral Oncology/Dentistry provincial meeting and team-building 


Dr. Tamara Shenkier   

Mindfulness training for all MSES members


Dr. Cheryl Ho    

Develop provincial pathway for pharma sponsored patient support programs

Dr. Islam Mohamed   

Physician strategic planning retreat for workplace


Dr. Bernie Eigl   

Review of oncologist staffing and support ratios at Canadian cancer centres


Dr. Mark Carey  

Physician engagement and surgical oncology: Using medical staff expertise to shape strategies to improve multi/interdisciplinary cancer care


Dr. Alan Bates    

Supportive cancer care program

Dr. Janessa Laskin 

Evaluation of a multidisciplinary strategy to improve efficiency and efficacy of lung cancer referrals at BC Cancer


Dr. Mira Keyes    

Burnout Proof – Live workshop for physicians


Dr. Daniel Renouf    

BC Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Network (BC PANC NET)

Dr. Amirrtha Srikanthan    

Program development for adolescent and young adults with cancer 

Dr. Sara Taylor  

Integration of a web-based patient follow-up platform into BC Cancer patient services for improving quality of care and research in breast cancer


Dr. Sally Smith    

Comprehensive physician orientation and mentorship at BC Cancer

Dr. Eric Berthelet    

Thyroid cancer interdisciplinary clinic-enhanced patient experience through comprehensive care delivery – a pilot project

Dr. Alan Nichol 

BC Cancer consensus conference on brain metastases and retreat to broaden involvement in cranial radiosurgery

Spring 2018 Engagement Initiatives


Dr. Allan Hovan  

Motivational speech from Eva Grayzel    


Dr. Andra Krauze      

Increase staff engagement in Surrey in weekly Radiation Oncology Rounds


Dr. Christina Parsons      

BC Cancer Radiation Oncology Lymphoma Retreat


Dr. Devon Schellenberg    

Conference to review Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy


Dr. Christine Blyth      

GPO Retreat


Dr. Stephen Ashwell      

Patient-held medical record: a means to increase patient and physician engagement in care


Dr. Sophie Sun      

Hereditary cancer follow-up program for high risk patients and families


Dr. Anna Tinker      

Evidence-based Guidelines for the Management of Familial and Hereditary Cancer Patients: A collaboration of the BC Cancer Tumour Group


Dr. Christine Blyth    

Understanding the different models of care and scope of practice of GPOs


Dr. Scott Tyldesley      

Provincial Radiation Oncology retreat


Dr. Jonathan Livergant      

Optimizing radiation oncology triage at BC Cancer - Victoria


Dr. Howard Lim    

Support for faculty development to implement the Royal College Competency by Design for the Medical and Radiation Oncology programs


Dr. Jennifer Rauw      

Quality improvement working group

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