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Dr. Michael McKenzie submitted his proposal for engagement initiative funding, he hit the trifecta of priorities. His proposal addressed all of the Medical Staff Engagement Society’s (MSES) strategic goals and in particular those associated with increasing communication and collaboration between medical staff and with BC Cancer and PHSA leadership. 


His project, an Interprofessional Radiation Oncology Site Group Retreat, drew together nearly 50 people from a variety of disciplines and across all regional centres to create a vision for an interprofessional palliative radiation site group. The session, held in April of 2018, was co-facilitated by the BC Centre for Palliative Care.


Participants explored objectives and benefits of a provincial palliative radiotherapy group, and considered its purpose to engage in quality improvement, research, education and palliative radiation therapy innovations. Following the retreat, a report was written that outlined recommendations and next steps.


One of the session’s stand outs, notes Dr. McKenzie, was the passion of the participants, many of whom had never met one another. “I was impressed by the buzz in the room,” he explains. “And we made people work. They were really committed.” 


“In a number of ways, this work is aligned with BC’s Cancer Plan,” he adds.  Plan objectives include improving access to care, establishing and piloting new models of care, and a focus on transitioning care.


The report from the retreat has been discussed informally, and a meeting is set with medical leaders from across BC Cancer disciplines in March to review it in more detail. Some of the early feedback has been to consider expanding the scope to create a Palliative Oncology Tumour Group including representatives from medical oncology, radiation oncology, family practice, and allied health professions. 


Dr. McKenzie appreciates more work will be required if this is to move forward, including discussions on how to resource it within radiation oncology and potentially more broadly. 


The Interprofessional Radiation Oncology Site Group Retreat is one of 45 MSES Engagement Initiatives, supported by Facility Engagement. Read more about Engagement Initiatives


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Exploring a Provincial Palliative Oncology Group

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