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Engagement Initiative Guide


A new guide, entitled “How to Apply for and Manage Engagement Initiatives” has been developed to support engagement project leaders.  The guide includes:

  • An overview of MSES and Facility Engagement

  • Detailed information on project criteria and the application process

  • Guidance on budgets, billing, mobile app support, and reporting

[Download Guide]

Engagement Initiative Templates


A series of templates are available to support engagement initiative applications, payment and reporting (available in the Engagement Initiative Guide or download from the list below).  Some of the frequently used templates and forms include:

  • Initiative letter of intent [download]

  • Initiative full application [download]

  • Proposal budget builder template [download]

  • FEMS registration checklist [download]

  • FEMS registration form [download]

  • Instructions for FEMS mobile app instructions [download]

  • Instructions to sign up for FEMS VersaPay [download

  • How to submit a claim [download]

  • Interim reporting template [download]

  • Final Reporting template [download]

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